latest activities

May 2017

I am happy to say that the Galleria 360 in Florence have invited me to exhibit several works in their collective exhibition, ´Art is Now`. There will be an inauguration coctail on the 4th May 2017. I am sending two of my iron plate sculptures a the two new xylographs. For more information see the events page.

This first quarter of the year has been very productive. I have now finished 2 big iron plate sculptures. I am particularly pleased with my interpretation of Goya`s ´Third of May` which has been more like a jigsaw puzzle than a sculpture!! I have also been working on a couple of xylographs which are now ready to print. For fun, I have continued with the whippet sculptures. To see the new works, look at the works page.

I have finally finished the design for a cover for a new novel by Tree Elven, It`s a Crewel World. See works page. I am hoping it will be published soon.

The art magazine Artmosphere has included an article on my work in their recent issue which is now available.

An article that I wrote for ARTisSpectrum magazine, Art Beat, has been published. To read the article see the up coming events page.