latest activities

 May 2020.

     Hello Everyone, 

     I hope that you are all well and safe.

      Due to pandemic COVID 19, all the exhibitions and art fair have either been cancelled or postponed to a later date. I will keep you informed. 

     Welcome to my new website.  I am sure that you will find your way around easily. You will see that I have added a shop so that you can buy works if you like. It was difficult to add the packing and delivery charge as the works are so varied in size, weight and price and the cost of delivery depends on where the works have to be sent. For the moment, if you do not live in Madrid, you have to get in touch with me for the price of package and delivery.

       At the beginning of the lock-down I spent a lot of my time printing extra prints. Recently I have been making 2 new prints, an oil representing the confinement and a new wire sculpture as I had the materials that I needed. To see the new works see the ´works page`,    

       I continue as gallery artist in the Galleria 360 in Florence. They have my works permanently at the gallery. 

        A distributor of prints, Marlay S.L., has been in touch to sell my prints.

       I am happy to say that I have been invited to exhibit my new large oils and sculptures in the New Contemporary Mediterranean Art Fair in Aix en Provence, France, in September 2020 by the Monteoliveto Gallery from Naples, Italy. For more information see the events page.

       A film producer, who is interested in shooting some scenes with works of art in the background, has been in touch and has chosen 2 of my prints, ‘Alberto reading’ and ‘Jazz duet IV, to decorate the set. The film is called ‘King Midas’s favourites’. The producer is Netflix and the film is directed by Mateo Gil and Luis Tosar is the protagonist.

                Tree Elven`s new novel,  ´It`s a Crewel World`, for which I designed the cover has been published and is now available at

              An article that I wrote for ARTisSpectrum magazine, Art Beat, has been published. To read the article see the up coming events page.