latest activities

June 2017

       Welcome to my new Website!!

       I am sure that you will find your way around easily. You will see that I have added a shop so that you can buy works if you like. It was difficult to add the packing and delivery charge as the works are so varied in size, weight and price and the cost of delivery depends on where the works have to be sent. For the moment, if you do not live in Madrid, you have to get in touch with me for the price of package and delivery.  

       Several of my works are included in a collective exhibition, ´Art is Now`  at the Galleria 360 in Florence . The exhibition closes on the 28th May but as I am a gallery artist, they have my works permanently at the gallery. For more information see the events page.

      This first part of the year has been very productive. I have now finished 2 big iron plate sculptures. I am particularly pleased with my interpretation of Goya`s ´Third of May` which has been more like a jigsaw puzzle than a sculpture!! I have also been working on a couple of xylographs  and a lithograph which are now  printed. For fun, I have continued with the whippet sculptures. To see the new works, look at the works page.

     I have finally finished the design for a cover for a new novel by Tree Elven, It`s a Crewel World. See works page. I am hoping it will be published soon.

     The art magazine Artmosphere has included an article on my work in their recent issue which is now available.

     An article that I wrote for ARTisSpectrum magazine, Art Beat, has been published. To read the article see the up coming events page.