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I thought you might be interested in taking a tour of my studio, which is located in the basement of my house, so I can take advantage of any moment to work. Going down the stairs you can see several bronze sculptures. On the table you can see the plaster and silicone molds that I use to make the wax figures that I later took to the foundry to make the bronze figures using the lost wax method. On the table under the window you can see the spot welder and the radial that I used for my iron sculptures. Next you can see the water and acid room where I prepared intaglio plates and prepared the paper to print engravings. Then you can see the torculum that is the press to print the engravings. You can see in the background, the drawers where I keep the prints and on top where I keep small oil paintings. The large oil paintings are leaning against the wall or rolled. On the ground you can see numerous wire sculptures. All over the studio you can see my works.

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May 2024.

Welcome to my website. I am sure that you will find your way around easily and enjoy seeing close-up images of the works. I thought that you might like a quick visit to my studio so I have made a short video which you can find on the Videos page.

Last autumn and winter I have had little time for my artwork as I have refurbished my house. Apart from renovating the plumbing and electricity, I have put in new insulated windows, new flooring and painted the whole house. To achieve this, I was obliged to store the furniture in my basement studio hence I had no time or place to work. I am thrilled with the result of the revamp and delighted to see that some of my large oils exalt the new location. I have always thought that my large works were more directed for public spaces i.e. vestibules or public areas but now realise that they embellish any size room. I have made a small video of my work in the house which you can find in the “Videos” section.

This month I have finished another oil on canvas of 130 / 97 cm. on the fishermen series titled “The fraternity of fishermen”. In this work, I captured the essence of coastal life with brushstrokes full of passion and colour. The oil technique allows us to transmit the intensity of everyday moments, capturing the arduous work of the characters who worship the sea in their daily lives. Each gesture and look contain a deep story of respect and coexistence with nature. This piece will bring the lively energy and hard-working spirit of the sea to any home.

Since before Covid I have not had access to the Faculty of Bellas Artes to use the blowtorch thus I have been unable to make iron sculptures. I have had no success in finding somewhere to use a blowtorch until recently I visited the foundry where I make my bronze figures and it ocurred to me that perhaps they would let me use their blowtorch. They agreed so I have made the templates for 2 new sculptures which I am looking forward to cutting and soldering this month.

I am happy to announce that I presented a print,”Jazz Quintet I”, in the II International Prize for Prints, Castilla – La Mancha, Spain and was awarded the 2nd Prize donated with 1,000 euros. The print is included in a rotating exhibition. The third and last exhibition is at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Infanta Elena in Tomelloso, Ciudad Real, Spain from the 2nd of May until the 2nd of June 2024.

I now have several oils for sale on the Fine Art of America website.  For those who like the impact but have space or other limitations, I am happy to say that prints of the oils of different sizes are also available at very accessible prices.

See Tree Elven’s new novel, It’s a Crewel World, for which I designed the cover, has been published and is now available at An article that I wrote for ARTisSpectrum magazine, Art Beat, has been published. To read the article see the Journal page.

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