With each new oeuvre I rediscover the joy of beauty and creation. My curiosity about life has led me, in art, to experiment with many methods of plastic expression. But whether I’m working in oil, sculpture or print, it’s all a way of sharing my zest for life, of capturing the instant.

Matisse, who has been a major influence in my work, said that a great modern conquest has been the secret of expression through colour. It is precisely this secret that I use with oils, combining my intuition, quick strokes and my transgression of the limits of drawing to achieve expressivity in my paintings.

The subject matter of my work is inspired by my passion for beauty, and shaped by my imagination and personal experiences. This can be seen in the series “The Piano Tuner”, which takes us on an exotic journey; in “Ibiza”, where the luminosity and atmosphere are more important than the figures, which are more essence than substance; or in “Marrakech”, where the atmosphere of jostling and haggling demand that the viewer pause and observe.

Jazz is a spontaneous artistic expression. My love of music has enabled me to capture the movement and the atmosphere in oil as well as in sculpture: my metal musicians emerge from a long mould-making process spontaneously alive and immediate, their motion eternally ‘of the moment’.

In my portraits I want to reflect a person rather than a realistic likeness. This I achieve through expression and gesture both in oil and with printing techniques.

I started printing because I see it as a medium which allows me to always keep my work while sharing it with others again and again! I enjoy the discipline of printing and it has helped me to synthesize my work; again, the long process of making the plates doesn’t stop me seizing the instant.

Each day is filled with moments; each moment reveals its individual flavour and texture, its unique beauty and delight. This constant journey of discovery and rediscovery offers me fresh inspiration to contrive and to share.

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