New house!



I thought you might be interested in taking a tour of my studio, which is located in the basement of my house, so I can take advantage of any moment to work. Going down the stairs you can see several bronze sculptures. On the table you can see the plaster and silicone molds that I use to make the wax figures that I later took to the foundry to make the bronze figures using the lost wax method. On the table under the window you can see the spot welder and the radial that I used for my iron sculptures. Next you can see the water and acid room where I prepared intaglio plates and prepared the paper to print engravings. Then you can see the torculum that is the press to print the engravings. You can see in the background, the drawers where I keep the prints and on top where I keep small oil paintings. The large oil paintings are leaning against the wall or rolled. On the ground you can see numerous wire sculptures. All over the studio you can see my works

My stand in FLECHA 2022.

TV report on FLECHA 2022.

This is the process of printing a xylograph and collagraph print of 4 plates using a torculum.

This is a short interview explaining how and when I became an artist.

This is the process of passing a drawing onto the 4 plates so that they coincide.

This is the process of making the collagraph and xylograph plates ready for printing.

This is the process of using a radial disc to tidy up the edges of the pieces of iron plate before welding them to make a sculpture.

This is the process of using a point solder to weld the shapes of iron plate to make a 2 dimensional sculpture.

This is the process of using a plasma blowtorch to cut the iron plate.