Homage to Picasso


This print is an etching with mezzo tint. It has only one plate of zinc. First, I make the etching and afterwards I do the mezzo tint. To do the mezzo tint normally one uses resin melted on the plate but as I do not have that facility in my studio, I started to use spray graffiti paint instead and it works perfectly!

The print is a homage to Picasso. It is my interpretation of ┬┤Las Meninas` of Velazquez using the different styles of drawing of Picasso. I used the ┬┤Guernica` painting in the background. This print was inspired by an exhibition that I saw in the Prado Museum of the David Hamilton prints of his homage to Picasso.

Technique: Print
Subject: Other
Material: Paper
Size: 100 / 70 cm.
Size of plate: 70 / 50 cm.
Type of plate: Zinc
Number of plates: 1
Edition: 50
Year: 2010

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