The Abstract Exhibition


This work is an oil on canvas 97/130 cm. It is a scene of the public visiting an abstract painting exhibition. There are various groups of people in different postures all absorbed in the paintings. It is an expressionist, figurative work with a lot of color and movement. It is a very joyful work.

The inspiration for this work is pure imagination but based on lived experiences and drawings made in some museums. With each new work the artist rediscovers the joy of beauty and creation. My curiosity for life has led me, in art, to experiment with many methods of plastic expression. But whether I am working in oil, sculpture, or printmaking, it’s all a way to share my zest for life, to capture the moment. Matisse, who has been a great influence on the work of this artist, said that a great modern conquest has been the secret of expression through color. It is precisely this secret that I use with oil paintings, combining my intuition, quick strokes and the transgression of the limits of drawing to achieve expressiveness in my paintings.

Technique: Oil
Subject: Other
Material: Canvas
Size: 130 / 97 cm.
Year: 2021

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