Do you think inspiration can be sought?

Do you think inspiration can be sought?


Picasso said “When inspiration comes, let me find myself working!”

There are many ways to stimulate or seek inspiration. The first, as Picasso commented, is to work hard.
I find that drawing whatever helps to get inspiration. I always have a notebook and pencil in my bag when I go to a restaurant, a bar, or to the country, to the beach, taking a walk or taking a trip.

Left to right: Le Berkley, 100 / 70 cm. and Café Roy, 100 / /0 cm.
Left to right: Cala Vedella, 100 / 70 cm. and Cala Tarida I, 112 / 76 cm.

One summer I went to a small fishing village. In the morning I would go to the port by bicycle to look for the newspaper where I saw the fishermen mending their nets. They fascinated me and I took out my notebook to draw them.

These drawings inspired many works on my return from vacation.
Left to right: The fishermen III , 100/70cm.; The fishermen triptych, 148 / 291 cm. and The fisherman I, 65/60/42 cm.

On a trip to Venice I also took my watercolors and used the canal water to paint.

A camera can help stimulate inspiration.
I always carry a travel camera and use the photos when I return to the studio to create works.