When nobody sees me

October 26, 2018 to November 11, 2018. Feel & Flow Gallery. Moratín, 20, 28014 Madrid, Spain .

When nobody sees me I can be or not be, when nobody sees me I put the world upside down. When nobody sees me, it does not limit my skin … Do not light the lights that I have naked soul and body. Alejandro Sanz

 Actually we want to know a little more about you; look through a peephole and see inside sneak …

 Who are you when nobody sees you? How do you show it in your work?

 Where do you like to go, what do you like to do at those times?

What are your dreams or concerns when “does not limit your skin”?

 We seek work the work that shows us how is “your world upside down”.


20th September - 27th October 2018 Commercial Centre Artea , Barrio Peruri, 33, 48940 Leioa (Bizkaia)

It is a contemporary art fair. Flecha means Feria de Liberación de Espacios Comerciales Hacia el Arte! which translated is “a fair of liberation of commercial spaces towards art”.

Paris Contemporary 2018 TOMBOLA

December 17, 2018 to January 5, 2019. Galerie Etienne de Causans, Rue de la Seine, 25, 75006, Paris, France.

The event is an art exhibition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Monteoliveto Gallery of Naples. The popular Christmas tradition of Naples is the Napolitan Bingo which has 90 numbers and each having a meaning. 90 artists have been invited to provide an artistic interpretation of the number/meaning they have chosen.

Languages of art

31st May - 25th June 2018 Galleria 360, Via Il Prato, 11/R, Florence, Italy.

A new artistic review at the Galleria360 reflects on the infinite communication possibilities of art and on the constant ability of artists to redefine new expressive and conceptual alphabets.Through different expressive methodologies, international artists are confronted themselves with the richness of an increasingly varied artistic scene, but also Babelic.

FLECHA Porto Pi, Palma de Mallorca 2018

14th June - 15th July 2018 Centro Comercial Porto Pi, Avinguda de Gabriel Roca, 54, 07015 Palma, Illes Balears.

It is a contemporary art fair. Flecha means Feria de Liberación de Espacios Comerciales Hacia el Arte!  which translated is “a fair of liberation of commercial spaces towards art”.

Art is Now 2018

3th May - 28th May 2018 Galleria 360, Via Il Prato, 11/R, Florence, Italy.

“No one can explain how the notes of a Mozart melody, or the folds of a piece of Titian’s drapery, produce their essential effects. If you do not feel it, no one can by reasoning make you feel it.” (John Ruskin)

“Art is Now” is therefore a contemporary art exhibition of foreign artists, whose works are connected to the present, but at the same time they go “beyond” that hic et nunc since they are able to open the eyes of the mind and of the heart and to push us upwards.

After all, “the art is able to express and make visible the human need to go beyond what is seen, manifests the thirst and the search for the infinite. Indeed, it’s like an open door to the infinite, to a beauty and a truth that go beyond the everyday life” (Pope Benedict XVI).

Galleria 360

8th March - 31 March 2018 Galleria 360, Via Il Prato, 11/R, Florence, Italy.

“So kind and so honest looks/my woman, when she greets others,/that every tongue becomes, shaking, mute,/and eyes dare not look at her” (Dante Alighieri, Vita Nuova)

On the occasion of “International Women’s Day”, the Galleria360 organizes a contemporary art exhibition entitled “Arte Donna”, aimed at encouraging the knowledge of the various female artistic expressions and celebrating the combination of Women and Art.

The inauguration will take place on 8th Thursday of March 2018, at 19.00, in Via il Prato 11r, Florence. During the opening will also be offered a welcome drink while Jazz musicians’ll play live animating the evening and creating a pleasant union between Art and Music.


8th of February to 4th of March 2018 in Centro Comercial de Arturo Soria, C/ Arturo Soria, 226, MADRID 28043., Spain,

FLECHA (Fair of Liberation of Commercial Spaces towards Art), is a leading trade fair for the sale of works of art in commercial spaces that aim to bring art to the street. This fair was a creation of some artists from the Madrid scene who wanted to change the concept and relationship of the public with art. It has 28 years of success behind its back as an alternative fair to Arco and with more than 8 million visitors, a success that we now want to spread not only in Madrid but in other cities such as Palma de Mallorca and Bilbao.

As every year we celebrate the FLECHA 2018 fair in the Arturo Soria Plaza Shopping Center, we bring together a selection of 50 artists selected by a committee of experts. FLECHA has always been a fair created for and by artists, managing to converge from the most acclaimed artists to the most innovative, helping to project the career of the most emerging artists. When? From February 8 to March 4 in Arturo Soria Plaza (Calle Arturo Soria 126).

FIG Bilbao 2017

16th to 19th of November 2017 in DKS Gallery stand. FIG Bilbao 2017 en El Palacio Euskalduna. Bilbao. Vizcaya, Spain,

FIG Bilbao is an international project of research and promotion committed to the graphic work. Since its first edition, the Festival has supported emerging artists, boosting their professional career through study grants, exhibition organization and initiatives such as the Open Portfolio program.  

Annually also organizes exhibitions of graphic work in Museums and cultural institutions of first line like the Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao. In addition, FIG Bilbao conducts children’s workshops, live exhibitions and publishes various publications, all with a clear objective: to put value in graphic work and art on paper.

  FIG Bilbao, will celebrate its sixth edition in the Euskalduna Palace of Bilbao, an unparalleled space and location in the center of the Bizkaian capital. The bulk of the festival will take place from 16 to 19 November in the form of a fair, within the complete program of activities related to Art on Paper.

Art is Now

4th of May 2017 - 28th May 2017 Galleria 360, Via Il Prato, 11/R, Florence, Italy.

“Art is Now”, is a special group exhibition that would compare different cultures and artistic styles of the
world, through the careful selection of works to be submitted to the attention of our collector and art lovers.

In fact this artistic kermesse, through the artistic research of talented international artists, want show as the current art scene is extremely rich, varied and in close connection with the many cultural and artistic stimuli that characterize our contemporaneity. The special feature of “Art is Now” is also to affirms the “here and now” of the artworks, that is, of their unique and unrepeatable existence in the place where they are generated.

Artmosphere Magazine.

Crisolart Galleries

Art magazine produced by Crisolart Galleries, NY. Artmosphere showcase a dynamic selection of works from cultural professionals, thinkers and makers investigating, intimacy, failures of representation, nostalgia, ambiguity and the cultural implications of forgetting, inciting memory, heritage and subjectivity as their core concerns.

Featured artists from Spain, Italy Brasil, Mexico, Germany, USA, Netherlands, Israel, interrogate a variety of media, including photography, illustration, new media, drawing, painting, performance, sculpture mixed media and design.

MoMa New York – Magritte The mistery of the Ordinary, between 1926 to 1938, pionered a radically new, non-academic approach to figutive painting.

Picasso Museum – 50 years in Barcelona, 1963-2013 is a key of reference for understanding the formative years of Pablo Ruiz Picasso, the genius of the young artist is revealed through the 4249 works that make up the permanent collection.

Arte Donna interview.

4th March - 28th March 2016 Galleria 360, Via Il Prato, 11/R, Florence, Italy.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Galleria360 organizes an exhibition entitled “Arte Donna”, which aims to promote the knowledge of various female artistic expressions and to celebrate the binomial Women and Art.

Few, over the course of the centuries, the opportunities and possibilities of expression for women, imprisoned and forced by the wall of distrust of a dominant culture all male.

ARTisSpectrum Magazine

1/12/2012. Agora Gallery, Chelsea, NY, USA

ARTisSpectrum is a bi-annual art magazine that provides artists, collectors, museums, galleries, art organizations and enthusiasts with access to the work of internationally talented emerging and established artists as well as feature articles, reviews and interviews.

Art Beat, in which a number of Agora Gallery’s talented artists give us a peek into what makes their city special when it comes to art. I have written about Madrid. To read my article go to page 106.