Alberto II


This 2-dimensional sculpture is made of iron plate and wire. It is a portrait of my husband, Alberto, who is a handy cheap model! The book he is reading is made of iron plate cut out using a blow torch. The wires are of different calibres for the different parts and the checks on the shirt are made from a special mesh that can be shaped in several ways.

About the time of the European crisis which hit Spain very hard, my professor of sculpture was moved from the clay sculpting to the studio for metal sculpting. I had had experience using wire and mesh, before, to make the armatures for my clay sculpting so I was accustomed to the material however I was fascinated with the cutting of iron plates with the blow torch and then the welding. I decided to make wire figures instead of bronze as it worked out more economical.

Technique: Sculpture
Subject: Portraits
Material: Wire and iron.
Size: 70 / 50 cm.
Edition: 8
Year: 2013

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