Bo in wire


This work is a wire sculpture of one of my Dachshunds, Bo.
The idea to do wire sculptures came gradually from several coincidences. I have the privilege to use the studios in the Bellas Artes Faculty in Madrid because one of the professors was a patient of mine. About the time of the European crisis which hit Spain very hard, my professor was moved from the clay sculpting to the studio for metal sculpting. I had experience using wire and mesh, before, to make the armatures for my clay sculpting so I was accustomed to the material however I was fascinated with the cutting of metal plates with the blow torch and the welding of the metal.

About the same time I was invited to exhibit in an art fair for artists’ books. I had to present a book, several prints and some sort of objects relating to the book. A short time before I had been given some paperclips in the form of bicycles made out of wire. My artist`s book and the prints were on the subject of jazz so it occurred to me to make paperclips in the form of saxophones. I made a drawing of the saxophone which I placed in an old breadboard where I pushed pins into the corners of my drawing which I used as a template for my paper clips. As I have two dachshunds and had many drawings and an artist`s book of sketches of my dogs, this idea brought me to the idea of making paper clip dachshunds. From there to make three dimensional dogs in wire, chicken wire and more recently in papier maché.

As I mentioned before, this all began in the time of the financial crisis, when it was very difficult to sell any artworks so this was a way of continuing my sculpture without the cost of the foundry for bronze figures which would eventually accumulate in my studio. At this time my husband was older and at home more so it was a way I could work in my studio. I bought a point welder so I could do everything at home.

Technique: Sculpture in wire
Subject: Animals and birds
Material: Wire
Size: 100 / 70 cm.
Size: 30 / 65 / 24 cm.
Year: 2014
Edition: 8

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