Composition of girls


This print is an etching with mezzo tint. It has only one plate of zinc. First, I make the etching and afterwards I do the mezzo tint. To do the mezzo tint normally one uses resin melted on the plate but as I do not have that facility in my studio, I started to use spray graffiti paint instead and it works perfectly!

The print depicts a scene of 4 girls enjoying a picnic in the countryside. There is a lot of movement in these static figures. There is a peaceful atmosphere.

In the past I spent many hours sketching the human figure in the Circle de Bellas Artes in Madrid. The members are privileged with the possibility of drawing from models in different poses for various lengths of time. I enjoyed the 5-minute poses which obliges one to capture the moment. From these drawings, I made compositions of several figures in different attitudes. Hence my composition series.

I started printing because I see it as a medium which allows me to always keep my work while sharing it with others again and again! I enjoy the discipline of printing and it has helped me to synthesize my work; again, the long process of making the plates doesn’t stop me seizing the instant.

Technique: Print
Subject: Compositions
Material: Paper
Size: 92 / 70 cm.
Size of plate:  50 / 60 cm.
Type of plate: Zinc
Number of plates: 1
Edition: 25
Year: 2013

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