Jazz sculpture II


This 2-dimensional sculpture is made of iron plate and wire. The work consists of shapes cut from iron plate with a blowtorch and then soldered to form the figures and the wire shaped to finish the details of the faces, hands, clothes and instruments. The sculpture depicts a jazz quartet; a drummer, a saxophonist and two trumpeters. This composition was inspired by the video of ´All that jazz` where I froze the frame to make the sketch!

The idea to do iron plate sculptures came gradually from several coincidences. I have the privilege to use the studios in the Bellas Artes Faculty in Madrid because one of the professors was a patient of mine. About the time of the European crisis which hit Spain very hard, my professor was moved from the clay sculpting to the studio for metal sculpting. I had had experience using wire and mesh, before, to make the armatures for my clay sculpting so I was accustomed to the material however I was fascinated with the cutting of iron plates with the blow torch and then the welding.

Technique: Sculpture
Subject: Jazz & music
Material: Iron plate and wire
Size: 103 / 60 cm.
Edition: 8
Year: 2018

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