Jazz trio I


Jazz is a spontaneous artistic expression. My love of music has enabled me to capture the movement and the atmosphere in oil as well as in sculpture and in prints. The print emerges from a long process of making the plates spontaneously alive and immediate, their motion eternally ‘of the moment’.

I started printing because I see it as a medium which allows me to always keep my work while sharing it with others again and again! I enjoy the discipline of printing and it has helped me to synthesize my work; again, the long process of making the plates doesn’t stop me seizing the instant.

Technique: Oil
Subject: Jazz & music
Material: Paper
Size: 130 / 97 cm.
Size of plate: 70 / 50 cm.
Type of plate: Wood
Number of plates: 4
Edition: 25
Year: 2006

Worldwide shipping and packing is included in the price of all the works.
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