The guy in the beach I


This work is a sculpture in bronze with a patina. The figure was first made with clay. From the clay figure I made a mould with plaster from which I made a plaster figure. From this plaster figure I made a silicone mould from which I made a hollow wax figure which I eventually took to the foundry to be molten to a lost wax cast.

The sculpture depicts a boy lying on his stomach on a towel possibly reading! This figure was part of a sketch that I made on the beach for my oil paintings of the boys on the beach. The towel was made by cutting a towel to size and then dipping it into hot wax and then making the folds. When the wax was dry I took it to the foundry where they made it to a lost wax cast.

Technique: Sculpture
Subject: Ibiza
Material: Bronze
Size: 16 / 60 / 32 cms.
Edition: 8
Year: 2004

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