The three guitarists

This work is an oil on canvas of 145 / 97 cm. It depicts a group of six young people enjoying an evening dancing and playing music. On the left is a couple dancing, below is a boy sitting on the floor playing a guitar. In the center is a girl sitting with a boy on his knees next to her playing a guitar. In the center in the background is another boy playing a guitar.
It is a very striking and cheerful painting with a lot of color, movement and atmosphere. Dynamic expression through the use of color. Very vivid colors that give light, atmosphere and contrasts by being complementary not by chiaroscuro and spontaneity in the stroke of those loose brushstrokes and lines. Intuition and technical knowledge combined in the production of images that capture moments of life. It is accessible but not easy, arresting but pleasant.

Technique: Oil on canvas
Subject: Music / Compositions
Size: 145 / 97 cm.
Year: 2022

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