Cala Tarida I


Memories of many summers spent in Ibiza.

With each new oeuvre I rediscover the joy of beauty and creation. My curiosity about life has led me, in art, to experiment with many methods of plastic expression. But whether I’m working in oil, sculpture or print, it’s all a way of sharing my zest for life, of capturing the instant.

Matisse, who has been a major influence in my work, said that a great modern conquest has been the secret of expression through colour. It is precisely this secret that I use with oils, combining my intuition, quick strokes and my transgression of the limits of drawing to achieve expressiveness in my paintings.

Technique: Print
Subject: Ibiza
Material: Paper
Size: 112 / 76 cm.
Size of plate: 70 / 60 cm.
Type of plate: Aluminium
Number of plates: 4
Edition: 25
Year: 2016

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