The 3rd of May


This sculpture is made of iron plate. The work consists of 100 odd shapes cut from iron plates with
a blowtorch and then filed down and eventually soldered together.
At the time that started working on iron plate sculptures, I was doing a series of oil paintings and prints of these compositions. It occurred to me that I could also make 2 dimensional sculptures of these figures.

Once I had mastered these compositions my final aim was to make a sculpture in iron plates of Goya`s oil painting ┬┤The 3rd of May` which I saw as a perfect material to express the scene. I left the iron as it was without a sand bath because I saw that the burn marks enhanced the effect that I needed.

Technique: Sculpture
Subject: Other
Material: Iron plate
Size: 100 / 102 cm.
Edition: 1
Year: 2017

Prices are for Madrid pickup. Please get in touch for prices for other shipping and packing.
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