The fishermen in Bosham II


This work is a lithograph print with 3 plates of aluminium. The plates measure 65/45 cm. It is stamped on paper of 100/70 cm. It depicts a scene of fishermen mending their nets after a night of fishing at Bosham in England. It is a cheerful print with a lot of color. It has a lot of activity and work atmosphere. While on vacation, I used to cycle to pick up the newspapers first thing in the morning, so I saw the fishermen mending their nets after night fishing. I was passionate about the postures and movement of working men. The theme of my work is inspired by my passion for beauty and shaped by my imagination and personal experiences. This can be seen in the fishermen series where luminosity and atmosphere are more important than figures, which are more essence than substance.

Technique: Print
Subject: Places
Material: Paper
Size: 100 / 70 cm.
Size of plate: 65 / 45 cm.
Type of plate: aluminium
Number of plates: 3
Edition: 25
Year: 2021

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