The metal ox

This is a sculpture in iron plate of an ox. A friend celebrated her 60th birthday recently. I inquired as to whether there was anything in particular that she would like to which she replied that she wanted a metal ox because this year is the year of the metal ox in the Chinese zodiac. There are videos of all the processes on my website on the video page which I hope that you will find interesting.

At about the time of the European crisis which hit Spain very hard, my professor was moved from the clay sculpting to the studio for metal sculpting. I had had experience using wire and mesh, before, to make the armatures for my clay sculpting so I was accustomed to the material however I was fascinated with the cutting of iron plates with the blow torch and then the welding and it was much less expensive than making bronze figures.

Technique: Sculpture
Subject: Animals and birds
Material: Iron plate
Size: 60 / 52 / 1 cm.
Year: 2021

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